Unique business opportunity in Central Europe with Pekko Kft. Company!

Pekko Kft. is looking for reliable business partners who wish to develop their existing business with long-term market strategies in Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Serbia, Croatia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro or Slovenia.

The great merchandising networks from the fast developing and fast aligning part of Central Europe represent practically unlimited sale opportunities of own merchandise to potential foreign partners. Demand is shown especially for manufactured products of quality.

Consumers prefer new brands of quality, mostly in the field of food industry, especially those from the baking and confectionery industry. Pekko Kft. Company can represent the ideal help for its foreign partners in identifying the appropriate markets for imported products, because it has been operating in the baking industry for several years, possessing economic experience in the entire region.

Pekko Kft. has been pursuing, for 10 years since its establishment, the dynamics of these goods on the market; it can limit the risks to minimum and ensure its partners the increase of business and profit. It knows inclusively the particularities of each single region. Due to this quality, it is one of the top companies in the fields of distribution, trade and logistics.

It can guarantee you the following services:

- Demand and offer of exclusive products, according to the partner?s requests

- Merchandising products from Europe, with the brand of the foreign partner

- Market studies, product promotion

- Studies and suggestions of merchandising possibilities in all regions

- Main segments: wholesale, retail, end users, large trade centers, shops independent of networks, local and regional trade networks
- Product categories: confectionery, bakery products.

Distribution, distribution activities

-              Sale of products within the largest wholesale and retail trade network

-              On-time product transportation to all destinations in the country. Sales: in weekly cycle.

Complex logistics services

-              Warehousing services and custody services of goods.

- Identifying products intended for export in the countries of the region, according to the partner?s requests.
- Transportation of goods.

New partners are expected who wish to enter and have a long term presence on the market of the Central European region. Pekko Kft. Company has had several successfully accomplished projects in partnership in the last ten years.

We are open to new partners whose objective is exclusively long-term collaboration. Partners with annual sales capacities are expected, but also those interested in business opportunities in the field of import and export of goods.


Pekko Kft.
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Pekko Kft.

Ócsai út 1.

Tel / Fax: +36 1 287 3944
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Web: www.pekko.hu